The Well Connected Woman

"I confess. I'm a bit of a Luddite. Not that I don't believe in technology. We're all too dependent on it for it to be an issue of faith. It's just that technology should be invisible, non-intrusive. Any device, service or program that forces me to think about it... or worse yet, to try to fix it... isn't doing its job." – Sally Wiener Grotta

Modern life is complicated, and it shouldn’t be. We were promised that technology would make things easier, faster, better, more fun. But the opposite often seems to be true. We’re drowning in a sea of gadgets, gizmos and services. How do you make sense of it all, separating truth and useful knowledge out of the hype and hyperbole? Who can you turn to for down-to-earth, real-world common sense, assistance and advice on how best to choose, buy and use technology in everyday life? The Well Connected Woman.

The Well Connected Woman is Sally Wiener Grotta, the internationally respected technology and consumer electronics expert. An award-winning columnist, author, speaker and Contributing Editor at PC Magazine, Sally debunks and demystifies technology, with solid knowledge and sassy intelligence. Contact Sally for:

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The Well Connected Woman covers a wide range of consumer electronics, computers, small business devices, home and business software, and household products, including digital cameras, imaging software, cell phones, desktop printers, biometric security, intelligent appliances, fax machines, PDAs, camcorders, MP3 players, laptops, the Internet, Web graphics, genealogy programs, home improvement software, desktop publishing, digital crafts and much more.

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