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Audience Response

"An eye opener."



"It left me wired."

"Absolutely excellent"

"Personable, realistic and your range of knowledge is truly remarkable."

"Iíve done photography a lot and still learned."

"Great info and taught at a level of understanding to all."

"Extremely enjoyable."

"Iím encouraged and motivated to continue taking lots and lots of pictures."

"Iím no longer as fearful."

"Thank you for a fantastic learning experience."

"Great info! You really motivated me to learn more."

"Time went by quickly."

"The Grottas are Great!"

"Excellent presentation"

"Very positive experience."

"Knowledgeable, capable presenters."

"Easy to follow."

"Has made me a more informed consumer"

"Info was easy to understand and clearly conveyed."

"Totally inspired."

"Thank you again for all the GREAT tips. My pictures are already looking better."

And from Lee Hacohen of PC Magazine Events... "Daniel & Sally Grotta have a proven track record of writing and presenting excellent workshops on Digital Photography Shooting & Editing. The feedback on their course evaluations was overwhelmingly positive. Daniel & Sally are always willing to go the extra mile when it comes to brainstorming future activities, promoting events and providing introductions to potential sponsors. It is with my strongest recommendation that you get the Grottas involved in any future Digital Photography activities."

Seminars, eSeminars and Other Appearances

Sally Wiener Grotta is a lively, substantiative speaker on numerous subjects related to technology, photography, digital imaging and the business of writing. She and Daniel Grotta give seminars and eseminars on digital photography, imaging, printing, scanning, photography for eBay auctions, color management and other topics related to creating, editing, using and sharing digital pictures.

Sally is often interviewed on television and radio, and has given lectures and seminars around the country, including programs at eBay University, PC Magazine's Digital U, DigitaLife, eBay Live, Photo Marketing Association, and other venues. In addition, she and Daniel have developed very popular digital photography workshops as fund-raisers for non-profit organizations.

Please contact Sally for further information about booking her for your organization or show, or to find out where she may be appearing next.